Thursday, 10 November 2016

Van Helsing's Terror Tales

Van Helsing's Terror Tales was the back-up strip in House Of Hammer, a series of nice little EC style zingers presented by Peter Cushing, and drawn by stars and future stars like, as here, Brian Lewis, Dave Gibbons & Garth's Martin Asbury.
I was never into HOH as much as say, Mark Gatiss, but I always checked it out for the strips, and the breathless reviews of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Susperia, not to mention no-chance-of-ever-seeing-in this-country grindhouse features like Axe, Rattlers or Squirm.
Plus the mag was around at just about the time BBC2 were filling their late saturday night schedules with horror double bills.
You always got a black & white 'oldie' with a colour Hammer. If you were lucky it was Night Of The Demon & The Devil Rides Out.
If you weren't it was Night Of The Lepus and, I don't know, the Mummy film that doesn't have Valerie Leon in it.
So HOH will always have a fetid place in my heart, as will Van Helsing's Terror Tales. Here's Peter.

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