Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Savage Tales Presents: Avenger!

With a couple of reservations, I really liked the late Bronze Age second coming return of Savage Tales, not least because of the so-called Savage Sisters, a couple of gun-toting babes who appeared on a few of the covers and subscription ads, but sadly never got their own strip.

This time round, the book was less barbarians and more bullets, with historical adventure and military action to the fore. Editor Larry Hama was clearly trying to do a Two-Fisted Tales for the '80's, and with Mike Golden, Archie Goodwin, John Severin, Gray Morrow and Herb Trimpe on board, he had a good chance at doing it.
Unfortunately, he also had a few artists who, to be kind, weren't quite professional enough for the big time yet, and there is a fair amount of filler in Savage Tales pt. 2.
Not so here though, with Archie & John in the first issue contributing a story that is the very definition of a good tale well told. After all, if you're going into battle, you want guys who know what they're doing by your side.


  1. First time I have seen this strip (and comic/mag) so I'll be on the look out for this one - Severin is one of my all time favourite artist even in his latter years his art was great.

  2. John Severin was one of the best artists out there. In fact, all the stories he drew for Savage Tales were great, and deserve to be collected as a book. His use of craftint is simply uncanny, giving his artwork a gritty realism, unlike any seen in most comic books. Unfortunately with age, craftint tends to brown, leaving a big brown stain on the pages (for those who are looking to buy any original art of this, if any is for sale).

  3. I think severin's in nearly every issue actually, so worth investing just for him.