Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Elongated Man

Always liked The Elongated Man whenever he popped up in the back of Detective Comics. In the JLA, Ralph Dibny always seemed to get shoved into the background, but on his own he was just fine, especially when teamed in crime cracking connubial bliss with wife Sue, as here.
His mystery-twitching nose was a good gimmick, and it can't be coincidence that back in the '30's there was a movie series called The Thin Man, about a husband & wife team solving mysteries together, so that's a good gag. ( The Thin Man, in it's turn, being later rejigged into TV's Hart To Hart, 'cos when they met, it was moider. )
So here's a couple of deliberately slight, fun pieces with those darn Dibny's getting involved in suitably silly mystery cases, along with some lovely Dick Giordano art. Look out for Carmine Infantino in the first story, basically playing Cecil B. DeMille.



  1. Well I've now read my first two Elongated Man stories. Thanks. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the "mystery format." I bet it would've SUPER cool to eight-year-old-me.

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  3. Cool, as I said, Giordano's Elongated Man strips were always fun for kids.