Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Michael Golden's Dr. Strange

While we all eagerly await Benedict Cucumberpatch as The Sorcerer Supreme, let's check out some stunning Michael Golden pieces for the good doctor. Here's Mike's 1983 portfolio for starters.

And here's a little Roger Stern scripted 5 pager from Doc #46, with Golden inked by Craig Russell, an art team you'll find described in the dictionary as: Too breathtakingly beautiful for this reality.
By the way, we're not just getting Baron Mordo in the movie, are we? Tell me we at least get Dormammu, with maybe Nightmare or Eternity in the epilogue as a teaser for the sequel.


  1. The main villain is a disciple gone wrong named Kaecilius. I'm guessing they held back on the more cosmic villains so as not to dilute the threat of Thanos, who Dr. Strange will help fight in the big Avengers movie coming up. Thanos is a great villain, but next to Eternity he is a mosquito.

  2. Yeh, I guess eternity would be a little too much for civilians.