Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jarvis Kicks Ass ( Actually it's arse but a gentleman never swears )

You gotta love Jarvis, don't' cha? Just like you gotta love Alfred.
I mean it can't be easy butlering for The Avengers, can it? Catering around Jan's constant diets as she struggles to fit into whatever costume she's wearing that week, ensuring there's enough fresh boar for both Thor AND Herc, putting up with Vizh's constant reminders that his 'synthezoid body does not require sustenance' then turning a blind eye as he nabs the last chocolate Hob-Nob.
And don't get me started on keeping Hawkeye in beer, whisky and hookers.
Still, our man bravely soldiers through it all with nary a sigh ( though he did once betray the team as The Crimson Cowl, but it would be shockingly bad form to bring that up again. )
The Jarv wasn't best served by the Marvel movies, I think, but he has had his dues on TV in Agent Carter at least, with Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy's wonderful double act:

But there weren't that many opportunities for The Jarvmeister to shine in the Bronze Age, this little filler being a nice exception. It's as cheesy as a mature Stilton from Fortnum & Mason, but is still kind of irresistible for all that. Good show, Jarvis!

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  1. Call me a pedantic grump, but....if Mrs Jarvis is 70 years old in 1980, she would have been 35 at the end of World War Two - subtract another three years for Jarvis to have been boxing champion three years in a row, and she'd be 32.

    Call me skeptical, but I don't see how she could have been old enough to have a son old enough to even be in any armed services in WW2. let alone "RAF boxing champion"...