Friday, 7 October 2016

Earl Norem

A major part of the Marvel black & white mags, and therefore of my own particular Bronze Age, were the glorious cover paintings by Earl Norem, who seemed to contribute to just about every title in the line.
Earl had previously toiled in the 'Men's Sweat' magazines, contributing magnificent work like this:

And this:

But even if we hadn't known that's where he earned his chops, you could kind of tell from his Marvel covers anyway. His figures have absolute weight and reality, and are just this side of over the top. Here's some of my favourites:


  1. Great to see these again I think I had most of these mags in some form at one time - Norem is my all time favourite magazine cover artist ( better than Alex Ross imho) -Savage Sword 16 was always a big favourite of mine. Thanks for showing

  2. His Conan covers make me feel 12 again!

  3. Which is exactly how you should feel with everything here!