Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Scream Presents: The Thirteenth Floor

Imagine if Jim Warren had found himself in England at the tail end of The Bronze Age, putting out a weekly comic for a slightly younger audience than Creepy.
You've just imagined Scream, one of the last great British weeklies, before they sadly disappeared from our newsagents. Like the best Horror comics, Scream had an air of forbidden fruit about it, and your parents definitely wouldn't like it.
It had some fantastic, kid-centric serials, all introduced by your Eerie Editor, the mysterious Ghastly McNasty.

Here's one, The Thirteenth Floor, which comes with superb art from Warren alumni Jose Ortiz. It's about a state of the art tower block, and Max, the psychotic computer that runs it.
Max, like all the best British comics heroes, is a class warrior, always looking out for his low income tenants and exacting brutal, poetic revenge on anyone who tries to mess with them. Here's Max's inaugural murder, something he's going to develop quite a taste for...


  1. Always enjoyed Jose Ortiz' work, and while it doesn't seem like he bought his a-game to the old British weeklies its still great to see this. Thanks.

    My main memory of Scream is that Massimo Belardinelli turned out to be really good at horror. Which I suppose isn't surprising.
    Don't recall the title of the story he worked on - you know how it is when you haven't seen something in a few decades - but his style is very recognizable.
    Would love to see a few pages again if you have any issues with his work in them...


  2. I must confess, that's not ringing any bells with me, Sean. But I'll definitely do some digging and see if I can locate said strip.

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