Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Six Million Dollar Man: The Effigy

Nic Cuti and Joe Staton didn't just work on the wonderful E-Man while at Charlton of course, the team also did a few early issues of Steve Austin's adventures, like here behind a Neal Adams cover.
Waitaminute, how did Charlton get the contract for The Six Million Dollar Man? Were Marvel asleep at the wheel? Well, maybe it was this tale that swung the deal.
It's a fun, action-packed techhno-voodoo adventure that delights in some great early Staton art, but it's the breathtakingly blatant advertising for the Steve Austin doll ( hem hem I mean 'action figure' ) that sticks in the memory.
As if the unsubtle plotline wasn't enough, check out that last panel.


  1. If the question "How did Charlton get rights to THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN?" was serious, one might find a clue by noting that in the same period the company also published comics based on the TV series THE BIONIC WOMAN and EMERGENCY!, and (according to the fan press of the day) was in negotiations to publish an adaptation of the film JAWS. What all of these have in common is that they were produced by Universal Studios. So, apparently, someone at Charlton knew someone at Universal.

  2. I was semi-serious, 'cos I would've thunk Marvel would've been a shoe-in for the bionic couple, but now we know. Cheers for that.