Sunday, 4 September 2016

Luis Bermejo's Lord Of The Rings

Here's something I didn't even know existed until recently, but as soon as I found out about, made it a mission to find scans of. This is Luis Bermejo, who was part of the Spanish invasion that took over Warren in the Bronze Age, and comes from about 1979.
It's heavily based on Ralph Bakshi's animated Rings movie in terms of character design, so I assume it was an official tie-in alongside the fotonovel you could also get at the time. Except you couldn't get this.
It ran for three books, and was originally printed in German, then distributed to Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.
It's never been released in England or America though, so may be as new to everybody else as it is to me, ( except Philbo of course who has everything ) and I don't really know much more about it than that. It is beautiful tho'. Here's the first book.


  1. Many thanks, Pete, this is new to me as well and well worth a look.
    Though I read the books many years ago, the imagery of the written words has become mixed up with the images of the films, in my mind. Not that I'm knocking the films, which I rate pretty highly, it's just important to remember that there are many possible interpretations of any work, and it's okay to look at a thing with fresh eyes. Great art, here.
    Interesting stuff on this blog, as per usual.
    Cheers! M.P.

  2. Wow, incredible stuff. Do you have the other books that you may blog here? Would be very curious to see.

    Very best,

  3. Personally, I prefer this ( and Bakshi's film ) to the Jackson trilogy. I dunno, I just think Tolkein works better in illustration than live action. And natch, books 2 & 3 on their way!