Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Hong Kong Phooey

The greatest Kung Fu superhero of the Bronze Age was, of course, Hong Kong Phooey. After all, even The Sons Of The Tiger never got their own theme tune, number one super guys or not.
The mighty mutt got his own comic too, courtesy of Charlton, and it's quite nicely drawn, even if you do miss the unmistakable voice of the late, great Scatman Crothers. Not to worry though, you won't be able to read this without hearing him doing the dialogue.
There are a couple of questions here though: How did I never notice that Hong Kong Phooey & Shang-Chi get their outfits from the same shop? And why is George Jetson and his twin brothers the bad guys in the second story?


  1. Looks like there was one standard martial arts costume. And one standard human character, who looked like George Jetson.

  2. Hong Kong Phooey....number one super-guy (even though he's a dog)...