Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Lawless Touch

The Lawless Touch was a brilliant strip from Tornado, that definitely deserved a longer run. It was about Johnny Lawless, east end jack the lad and professional thief, who gets recruited by a shadowy government organisation for 'special' jobs.
Not the most original set up for an adventure strip obviously, and Johnny is about as close to Modesty Blaise's Willie Garvin as the lawyers will allow, but as with most things, it's the execution that makes The Lawless Touch a great read.
Johnny's a likeable chancer who never sits still for more than a couple of panels, and the whole thing moves at a hundred miles an hour
Here's his first couple of capers, including a nice bit of inter-comic symmetry, where the lad goes up against the Volgan's, the bad guys from 2000AD's Invasion.
Wonder if Johnny & Bill Savage ever drank in the same boozers?


  1. Question, and I know this will seem stupid. Which person wrote, and which person drew the great material? By the way, very cool stuff. For some reason, the arty reminds me a bit of Dan Spiegel and Ed Baretto.

  2. Not at all. The artist was Barry Mitchell and the writer was Kelvin Gosnell. Both did lots of work in Bronze Age British comics, and Gosnell not only contributed to the early days of 2000AD, but was actually Tharg in the first photo shoots, and came up with a lot of Tharg's language. Splundig Vur Thrigg, Earthlets!

  3. Love the info especially about the Brit comics to which I have very little clue.