Monday, 1 August 2016

Jason's Quest pt. 2: The Deadly Chase

Welcome back to part 2 of Mike Sekowsky's groovetastic Jason's Quest. This week, Jason meets more than a little bit forward southern belle Billie Jo Brock, who really should've got her own series as well.
As should French hitmen Charles & Armand, a couple of arch queens reminiscent of Messrs. Wint & Kidd from Diamonds Are Forever. 
( 'Alright, let's see what you can do with that sprayer of yours' ???? What're you alluding to, Mikey Boy? We only work within the comics code authority around here, y'know. )
Having set up the premise last time round, Sekowsky is free this issue to indulge in what amounts to an issue long, pedal to the metal, rock n' roll chase scene. Strap yourselves in, turn it up loud, and away we go.


  1. Thank you for showing this - appreciated. It's such a dated strip in so many ways but it is still a pretty cool and well paced wee story.

  2. Thanks for following up on this one, Pete.
    Not familiar with it and can't say it does a lot for me, but interesting all the same as a window into its time...

    Generically, its the sort of thing you could easily imagine appearing in a comic like Action; and as soon as you start to think how Pat Mills or John Wagner would have approached it, you can see exactly where DC went wrong.


  3. Absolutely, but great news next week, chums! Valiant will merge with Lion will merge with Thunder will merge with Tiger will merge with Angling Monthly. Reserve your copy now, pals, for more Jason's Journey / Adventure / Trek...