Monday, 18 July 2016

Whatever Happened To... Hourman?

Whatever Happened To... ? was a nice little back up strip in DC Comics Presents, mostly written by The Answer Man himself, Bob Rozakis, and was clearly a labour of love for all concerned.
Each issue, one of those forgotten Golden Age characters that always filled up the rest of the 100 pg Super Specials would turn up again, letting us know what they'd been up to lately, and not so subtly hoping this one-off would result in a new series.
It was a lot of fun, even if you'd never heard of that particular issue's hero ( Sargon The Sorcerer? Prince Ra-Man?? ), and it all kicked off with one of my favourite characters from the JSA, Rex 'Tick-Tock' Tyler, otherwise known as Hourman.
Ok, his cloak looks like a beach towel, but time-limited heroes are always fun, so before we see whatever happened to him, let's catch Rex back in the day, teaming up with Dr. Fate and the Golden Age Green Lantern in the does-exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin Solomon Grundy Goes On A Rampage!

So that's what he was up to back then, but Whatever Happened to Hourman? Well, here's our late middle-aged hero, heading down into the vault one more time for a Miraclo pill, in a story that completely writes itself, but is all the more fun for that.


  1. That pill will give you super-powers for one hour, but if it lasts longer than four hours, call a doctor immediately.

  2. Human is one of those characters that was super-interesting to me the first time I ran across him, but who has progressively lost interest each subsequent story I read.

    I guess it's that I don't think anyone has really developed the potential stories of a time-limited super...or maybe I'm just too hard a critic. It's not like I've got any brilliant Hourman tales locked up in my mind.

    SIDE QUESTION: In the first story, I'd Doctor Date found it so simple to transform zombie-Green Lantern back to his normal self, why didn't he just do the same thing to Grundy?

    1. The first word of my last comment should've been "Hourman."

      Auto-correct strikes again.

  3. Human vs Doctor Date? I'd buy that! Nah, just messing.
    I think the answer to any of these type of questions is ' because it was the golden age '!

  4. BTW I was hugely disappointed when the JSA turned up on Legends Of Tomorrow recently. Hourman, in particular, just stood around in his costume ( minus the mask ) and did exposition.
    It reminded me of that awful JLA pilot where they had no money so also all just stood around like a bunch of dull cosplayers.