Friday, 29 July 2016

Trailer Round-Up

Just in case you haven't checked these out ( I know some of my blogging brethren have posted some of these, but hey, no one ever accused me of originality ).
You know it's unfair to base your opinion of a movie on the trailer but sheesh, I sure hope they're saving the Ditko-esque dimension travelling for the main event, as I confess to being a tiny bit underwhelmed by this, if I'm honest.
And are they really going the Sinestro route with Mordo?

This is better, though probably confusing for non-fans. Are DC actually going to make a half-decent movie at last?

Hm, not if they fill their trailer with all talk, no action, and not a clue to who the bad guy is...

NOW we're talkin'! I've seen some interviews with the actors and the producers, and this is gonna rock, in my opinion. Like one of the producers said: Now's the perfect time for a bullet-proof black man in America. Oh. and the girl they picked for Misty Knight is perfect.

Danny's got amnesia, or am I reading that and the next trailer wrong? Ok, let's wait for the main trailer before we pass judgement on that one.
And ( nearly ) finally:

Just one more. I found a site where you can download the Jeff Jones documentary. It's myfilmblog and you can get it easily. Not sure if it's actually official, as there's no DVD sleeve you can access to make your own copy, but hopefully it is, and I haven't just done the filmakers out of some money.
Anyway, the film's great, with lots of stuff about The Studio. Here's the trailer:


  1. I would have to say that the Wonder Woman trailer is my favourite of those.

    If The Defenders doesn't feature a winged horse, I shall be very disappointed.

  2. Apparently, Thor: Ragnorak will feature Val ( and presumably Aragorn ) alongside Cate Blancett as Hela...

  3. I’m really looking forward to the Dr Strange film (one of my favourite characters) but like you I am a tad concerned we might not see” Ditko-esque” effects (Mordo looks too much like a supervillain) but I am glad they kept the look of the original costume. Yikes WW does look good but don’t worry give DC / Time Warner time to re cut it all and have WW abused several times for no good reasons and “balls it up” before its release date. I have a feeling Justice League (another of my favourite comics) could follow “Batman v Superman as a major snooze fest (hope I’m wrong). Marvel usually get it right and Luke Cage looks like it could be another hit for them, this looks good. - Oh Valkyrie in the next Thor film thats sounds very interesting for steel bra makers and teenage boys

  4. Apparently, Barry Windsor-Smith filmed his part of "Better Things," but felt it could have been better, and withdrew his contribution. In all fairness to BWS, he was the only one of The Studio mates who went to Jeff's funeral. Berni and Mike didn't.

    Chris A.

  5. True, but who really knows what goes on in forty year friendships, I guess - I'm sure Bazza had his reasons, but he is a big hole in the film. Still a great film tho'.

  6. I would sit through Howard the Duck, Heaven's Gate, and Plan 9 From Outer Space if Gal Gadot starred in them. The things we do for love.

    Come to think of it, Gal would be a natural for a remake of Devil Girl From Mars.

    Or a Xena reboot, with Gal as the Warrior Princess and Jennette McCurdy as Gabrielle.