Tuesday, 12 July 2016

One Million Years B.C.

Some more brilliance from the young John Bolton, this time from House Of Hammer, a superb adaptation of perennial BBC2 Saturday afternoon favourite One Million Years B.C. that comes complete with a magnificent Brian Lewis cover.
There's traces of Wrighton, Krenkel and Smith here, even a couple of Frazetta swipes I think. All raw, unpolished stuff and all absolutely wonderful.


  1. John Bolton always ends up kicking ass, and anything from the UK House of Hammer is a treat. The UK material is always an eye opener for Americans like myself.

  2. Love John Bolton's work, and while this is obviously early days compared to his better known US work, its still great to see.
    Not least because hey - its One Million Years BC ! Fantastic.

    Thanks a lot for posting