Monday, 13 June 2016

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

No, that's not the most beautiful girl in the world. That's the star of a Nic Cuti / Joe Staton tale called Last Of It's Kind, reprinted here from an earlier issue of Midnight Tales.
No, it's this girl, who I'm saying is drawn by no less than Supercats' Jorge Galvez. The story's average, but Jorge's art is, well, beautiful as always and he even shoehorns in a blatant Vampirella swipe. Plus the uncredited writer seems to have stolen Roy Thomas' patented third-person Iron Fist narration, which is unusual for Charlton. Maybe it's Roy or Marv moonlighting?

Oh, go on then. Here's Nic & Joe's story as well.


  1. Charlton could sometimes come up with some truly great artist, and Jorge Galvez was definitely one of them - I seem to recall seeing such greats as Jim Aparo, Don Newton and John Byrne for the first time in a Charlton comic as well. Saying that there is something very appealing (to me at least) about Joe Staton’s art from this time in his career (Joe was another great I first encountered at Charlton).

  2. The Jorge Galvez artwork is a complete and pleasant surprise for a Charlton book in the post-Giordano era.
    When those Spanish artists came in and did those jobs for Charlton, it really elevated the company.