Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Mercenary

The Mercenary is a long-running series from Spanish artist Vincente Segrelles, that had a couple of showings in Heavy Metal in the Bronze Age. The adventures of a nameless hero-for-hire in a lost world, it's completely painted in oils and is breathtaking in it's realism ( Segrelles is particularly good at glass and water ).
The only fault with it really, is that Segrelles is an artist who writes, rather than a writer who draws, so characterization and motivation are at a premium. We very rarely learn anything about The Mercenary, and all the characters are either simply all good or all bad. But I guess that's what makes it that rare thing, an adult fairy tale that works. In fact, if you took out the nudity and occasional gore, it'd be perfect for kids.
This piece is part of a larger tale called The Victim, but HM only ran this part of the story. It works perfectly well on it's own though and is, as they say, all action.

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