Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Forest For The Trees

An absolute belter now from Bruce Jones & Vincente Alcazar, that originally appeared in the first Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction, but that we read over here in the first two issues of Star Wars Weekly:

British Marvel always filled the back of their books with ace one-off stories like this, in this case under the catch-all title Tales Of The Galaxy. Later on, they also ran through all those old Lee / Ditko mystery pieces under the umbrella of Tales Of The Watcher, usually with a clumsily inserted Gene Colan pic of Uatu, if memory serves.
All fine with us, bar the fact they nearly always split the stories in two, meaning that even at a mere ten pages, we had to wait a week for the conclusion of Forest For The Trees. Ok, we all guessed it, but still.
Lucky you that you don't have that interminable wait, here it is with classicly average British Marvel linking splash page and all.


  1. Those black and whites came out very clean! Great job!

  2. And I think we need an Alan Moore Star Wars tale.

  3. I need a history lesson on UK comics because as an American, I always found it a bit annoying that they would split the stories into clumsy chapters. Why the tendency to stay away from doing full stories of more than 8 pages?

  4. Well after the Apeslayer series, I think the general consensus is that they just had to stretch out the material as much as possible to catch up with USA monthly deadlines and not run out of things they could use. That's what most people say anyway.

  5. Makes sense with the UK pushing weeklies while the US was pushing monthlies.