Sunday, 5 June 2016

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

The Greatest.


  1. While the circumsatnces are unfortunate, I think this was one of the greatest comics ever produced art wise. Not only was Muhammed Ali's likeness done well as to not jar from the story, but the story is a true showcase for Neal Adams' talents. This particular comic will probably outlast all of us, a true testament to Ali's legacy.

  2. Yep the "greatest" say sit all - I used to adore this book but sadly "lost" it during one of my many a family house moves. Reading it again I can recall so many panels and pages but forgot just how big the story was. For me having Ali, Superman and Neal Adams in one book was a dream come true (3 of my all-time heroes) just add David Bowie maybe a few Scotland footballers of the time (from when we were pretty good at “soccer”) and I would quite literally have exploded. I agree with Neil this was a great book for Adams . Ali may have been a flawed man in many ways but he was a genuine superstar in the real sense of that word, who gave a lot to the world – I will always treasure my memories of the man both his sporting and humanitarian achievements

  3. I remember when the book was announced I thought 'what a dumb idea, and a waste of Neal Adams increasingly rare excursions into comics'....of course I was totally wrong, a massive book in all respects, and the working of Ali into the Story actually made sense (in a comic book way of course). A great read still.