Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Justice League Of America: The Shaggy Man Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!

Here's a fun, done-in-one JLA tale I've always liked for many reasons, not least of which being that I've always seemed to have at least two copies of it in my collection, no matter how many I swap away.
It's also an example of my favourite creative team on the book, being by: Len Wein, Dick Dillin, Dick Giordano and with a cover from Nick Cardy, so absolutely no doubts you're gonna have a good time.
This is the so-called 'Satellite' years ie. 'cos that's where the team had their headquarters, even though at the time, I had no idea they'd been anywhere else, and it's absolutely Dick Dillin at his finest.
It's nice to see Dillin get some recognition over the last few years as, like John Buscema, I think we all took him for granted a little bit at the time. And let's not forget, even Big John would've balked at doing a multi-character book like the JLA.
I read an interview with Wein a while back about his time on the JSA, and he was saying that he always considered it his job to give editor Julie Schwartz the best bits of the books' previous writers, along with just a smidgen of something new.
Gardner Fox, of course, was always splitting the team up into more manageable, smaller groups in his stories, and Wein finds a funny, skillful way of doing just that in this story without doing that hoary old:
'I think Dave's right, Bill, why don't you go with Terry and me and Bob will stay here' that used to happen in so many JLA stories.
In this tale, I always thought the rivalry between Green Arrow & Hawkman was a little forced and low-rent Marvel, but still chuckle at Aquaman's 'Waitaminute! We Never had a statue of The Shaggy Man!' What a king-size doofus...
I also like the fact that Green Lantern literally shows up in the last five minutes and saves the day, and the way The Shaggy Man explodes into bite-size bits that immediately rejuvenate. That's kinda weird and creepy. But my absolute favourite thing about this issue is that The Shaggy Man, at least in the way Dillin draws him, looks a whole helluva lot like a demonic version of Len Wein himself...


  1. enjoyed reading that..thanks..
    also liked the statue gag..

  2. Statue gag is straight outta Scooby Doo...