Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Friday Foster

Here's gorgeousness. Friday Foster was a newspaper strip that ran from '70 to '74, and as written by Jim Lawrence and drawn by Jorge Longaron ( and Gray Morrow ), is just about the grooviest, funkiest thing ever. It's a safe bet I'd've completely ignored this strip as a kid ( ' Fashion?! Girls?! Yecch! ' ), but these days I can't get enough of it, and can almost hear the wacka wacka guitar riffs while reading it. But what's it about? Over to Friday:

You said it, soul sister. Is it too much to ask that, one time, Friday was walking through Times Square and took pics of Luke Cage bustin' up that cinema he used to live above? That's where I'm at with this one, particularly in the beautiful Harlem street scenes in this, the first batch of Sundays.
In what would seem to be blaxpoitation heaven, the mighty Pam Grier played Friday in the movies, but by all accounts, it's not that great, so best to stick with Longaron's beautiful designs and linework. Oh yeah, and when you get to the aforementioned street scene, isn't it blatantly obvious that the street punk threatening Friday's slightly patronising boss is actually supposed to be waving a knife around? Some editor sure objected to that panel.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I've always been curious about this strip, as well as the one-shot comic book published by Dell (which is now virtually impossible to find; when copies do turn up online, they usually have a $200 price tag).
    The movie, by the way, isn't that bad. In fact, I found it rather enjoyable - but then I'm a big fan of the so-called blaxploitation movies.

  2. The Dell comic I'm dubious about,a s it's by Jack Sparling and I hate jack Sparling's art, but I might see if I can locate it in the interests of completism!
    Cheers Edo, p'hraps I'll give the movie a go.

    1. You can read the entire Dell Comic here...
      Sparling did a decent job matching Longaron's artstyle on the existing FF characters!

  3. You can read more about that one-off comic book here

    Thanks for putting up that strip artwork, though, it's great!

  4. Great post. I'm guessing this strips haven't been collected, right?