Monday, 2 May 2016

Wooden Ships On The Water & Childsong

Here's a couple of wonderfully groovy pieces from the Age Of Aquarius, via Star*Reach. Adapting songs into comics is something that doesn't seem to happen all that much anymore, but it was all the rage in the Bronze Age. 
Wooden Ships On The Water is from the song by Crosby, Stills & Kantner, and though I've never actually listened to it, Mike Friedrich & Steve Leialoha sure are fans. They just killed the world, man!

But hey, don't let it bring you down. The people will find a way, as proven here with Steve ( again ) and the late, great Gene Day. Beautiful, man, just beautiful.


  1. Er, yeah... you know, when I mentioned that first story in comments the other week, it wasn't a request Pete! That'll teach me!:)

    Those are some really smug hippies on that boat. Man.


  2. Ah yeah, but I couldn't resist! And what other kind of hippies are there?