Monday, 16 May 2016

The Six Million Dollars, Man & The Moronic Woman

Like everybody else, I had a massive crush on Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner in the '70's, and always ran around the playground in slow motion like Steve Austin. Mad, as usual, were having none of it.


  1. Unusual seeing Mort Drucker doing a TV parody from this time rather than a movie one. Angelo Torres usually did the telly ones. Torres artwork was ok, but he was no Drucker.

  2. Hadn't even thought about that, now I'm thinking of all the bronze age TV shows Drucker could've done...

  3. Drucker is 90 now (born March 22 1929). He's still alive! He's a great caricaturist, perfect for movie and tv parodies. He renders them in a way that is both playful and sophisticated.

    I have a steady run of MAD from 1969-1977, and this was one of the last issues I bought.
    It's amazing how into something like MAD you can be, and then suddenly put them away and move on at age 14. But I've rediscovered and enjoyed my MAD collection many times in the decades since.

    MAD is like a time capsule of everything that was popular in any given month or year. It's great to go back and revisit it, in a new era, and for a little while be 14 again.

  4. MAD was always what I bought when there was nothing else in the shop ( it didn't have superheroes, see ) but you're right, it's a fantastic time capsule now.