Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Defenders: Nightmare On Bald Mountain

The Defenders were always my favourite ( non ) team of super-doers, bascically because they weren't a team at all. I loved the idea that every month, Doc Strange would try to rally everybody he knew to get together to save the world, and most of them wouldn't actually turn up. It's a wonder he didn't get a complex, and spend every issue thinking: 'Is it me?'
The real fun of the book, tho',  was generally to be had in the incidental details. Like here, in The Defenders' second ever appearance, where The Hulk & Subby begrudgingly come together to rescue Doc from The Dread Dormammu and his misguided bunch of Devil worshippers.
It's a great story, with superb 'why didn't we put these two together before' artwork from Ross Andru & Sal Buscema, but it's the little bits that make it so much fun, like Rascally Roy shoehorning himself & Jeanie into the annual Rutland Halloween celebrations, plus it's always nice to see Clea and Wong get a bit of screen time.
But the real reason this is one of my favourite Defenders stories ever is the scene where Subby & Greenskin fight in a darkened alleyway, without knowing who the other one is, and their joint reaction when the lights come on. Cracks me up every time.

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