Monday, 30 May 2016

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez' Only Love

Another welcome dispatch now from our old pal Nefarious Neil Hansen, with this gorgeous Jose Luis Garcia Lopez piece that has a little bit of Alex Toth to it, to my eyes. Here's Neil:

This is a black and white reprint of a rare pre-DC romance story. At this time, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was drawing material for Charlton. Both the cover, albeit with a different background colour were reprinted from Time for Love #28 (May 1972) and the comic itself is My Only Love published by Murray Publishers in Australia. The story, while no great shakes, concerns Gina Hoyt and Wade Farell. Gina, hot shot ambitious employee of J. D. Carr, is out for money in the midst of working for an oil company. Unfortunately,geologists like Wade doesn't make a ton of loot. What will happen? Happy ending? Writer is unknown, but Joe Gill wrote so much material for the company, I wouldn't be surprised if he penned this story. Hope this creates some interest even though it has no magic, guns or super powers.


  1. Looks great. You may want to add key words: Australian reprint and Charlton. While you saw a nod to Alex Toth, I saw a lot of Stan Drake influence in there. Neat that we both saw different things. Sean Phillips should settle this one. :)

  2. Toth? Drake? I was about to say it looked like a touch of Gray Morrow!

  3. The good thing is we are finding some great guys in Garcia-Lopez's work.