Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Dazzling Debut Of Dawnstar

One of my favourite Bronze Age Legion characters ( alongside Wildfire obviously ) was Dawnstar, the hoity-toity Indian mutant who seeemed to get everybody's back up.
I guess if you think about it too hard, her super-tracking power could be construed as slightly on the rascist side, but as a visual, a winged Indian chick flying through space is kinda tough to beat.
But Dawny was a great character too, a bit of a spoiled brat more than a little convinced of her own greatness, and who regularly treated Wildfire like a piece of crap. Which obviously helped to keep his gargantuan ego down to, well, planet-sized at least. Great characters both.
This intro tale is from longtime Legion fan & scribe Paul Levitz, and comes via the pretty good art team of Jim Sherman and Jack Abel. I say pretty good because when Sherman inked himself, he had a line that was as succulent as Michael Golden's, but unfortunately he was ridiculously slow, so we never got to see that much of his solo work, the DC editors being forced to rush him through that deadline treadmill.
A shame, because believe me, if you're willing to seek out Jim's stuff, it's more than worth it.
Meanwhile, here's Dawnstar starting as she meant to go on.


  1. Dawnstar always had a funky cool costume like most of the Legion during the 1970s. Definitely a great Mike Grell design. Times like this I miss the Power Girl cleavage look created by Joe Orlando, and emphasized by Wally Wood.

  2. They were talking in space, I think they some telepathic device right?

  3. I thought Saturn Girl connected them all telepathically, didn't she? But you're right, they're talking, not thinking. Maybe the ol' Legion flight ring had a telepathic setting?

  4. I meant of course a speech in space setting. Eesh, this comic stuff is complicated.

  5. Legionnaires has 'telepathic plugs' and transparent plastic space suits as standard equipment by then. Making life easy for artists and writers :)

    Dawnstar's powers were kind of neat but potentially plot breaking, there's lots of stories about finding people or finding bad guys which required her powers to suddenly become useless (until dramatically appropriate). Meanwhile the other half of her powers, flying faster than light were also nearly useless hitting their nadir in the story where she was taken down by... arrows.

    Ah well, still love her.

  6. Thanks for the clear up, Kid. Yeh, Forgot about the arrow story. She was still cool tho'.