Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hermit! / Clawfang The Barbarian

We've looked at Harvey's Unearthly Spectaculars before, with Bill Draut's Marvel superhero-in-waiting Jack Quick Frost, but there's other gems in this books' long-forgotten three issue run too. 
Like Wally Wood's Miracles Inc. AND Earthman, Mike Sekowsky's 3 Rocketeers, AND Gil Kane's Tiger Boy ( He's got the head of a boy and the body of a tiger! Aaargh! ) They're all on the way, panic not...
Before all that though, here's a couple of beauties written by Archie Goodwin & Wally Wood, and drawn by Reed Crandall and Al Williamson, so you're absolutely guaranteed a good time.
Hermit! is almost like a lost EC story, and Clawfang? He's not just called Claw. He's not just called Fang. He's called Clawfang, and is therefore THE most macho hero in the history of comics ever.
The defense rests, m'lud.



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