Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Batman: Night Of The Stalker

Now here's an absolutely classic Bats tale, that mysteriously never pops up in Batman collections like 'Bats In The Seventies' or 'Best Bats Stories Ever'. But really, it is one the greatest ones you'll ever read.
Herein, Steve Englehart takes an approach with the character that's both totally in keeping, and makes you see the Darknight Detective in a new light ie. the way criminals see him.
I can only assume Night Of The Stalker isn't as well known as it should be, because it was drawn by Sal Amendola and not Neal Adams. Sal's line was always a bit too thin for me, and his style a bit too off-kilter, but he is here toughened up by the inks of Dick Giordano, and there's nothing wrong with the storytelling. It's a great art job for a great script. You just wish Neal had drawn this one.


  1. I have this story in the french version. Great job.

  2. Funnily enough, I did actually first read this in a collection of classic 70s Batman stories!
    Not that I'm particularly trying to disagree or anything... I'm sure you're right about the reasons for it not being regularly anthologized; I came across it in some old Titan thing ages ago, and the rest of it was all Neal. Which kind of drew attention to the fact that Night of the Stalker wasn't.


  3. Nah, that's great - it's a story that should always be in print, in my opinion!

  4. Among the best stories of 1974.
    I loved all those DETECTIVE COMICS issues back then, this one was just the icing on the cake. And BATMAN, and BRAVE AND THE BOLD, and WORLD'S FINEST. O'Neil, Adams, Novick, Aparo, Robbins, Haney, Goodwin, Simonson, Cardy, Toth, Chaykin, Kaluta, and others all doing Batman covers and stories. And amid all that talent doing Batman stories, "Night of the Stalker" still stood out as something fantastic.
    Obviously the ACBA thought so too.

    What a great era to be collecting. A lot of great talent, a lot of experimentation, a super high ratio of good reading material every month. An age undreamed of!

  5. Yep, and we were lucky to live through it!

  6. Darwyn Cooke did a beautiful re-imagining of this story in Solo #5

  7. He did? I'll have to check that out, thanks!