Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Monster Club

Here's some great early John Bolton from the last few issues of Hammer's Halls Of Horror, an adaptation of the 1980 horror anthology starring Vincent Price, John Carradine, Donald Pleasance and every british character actor available at the time.
If you haven't seen the film, it's a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, there's a trio of fun, spooky tales, and everybody involved is clearly having a good time and approaching the material in exactly the right, self-mocking way.
On the minus, the Monsters in the titular Club clearly got their masks from the joke shop round the corner, Carradine & Price suffer the ignominy of having to disco dance, and the music segments ( as various bands perform at the Club between stories ) are uniformly bad.
Ok, except maybe this one.

Now there's a voice that could strip paint at 40 paces.
John Bolton delivers some beautiful work for the first two stories ( in fact, some of his Wrighton-esque stylings made their way into the actual movie, in the flashback scene of ghouls feasting in the graveyard ), while David Lloyd delivers solid work for the Donald Pleasance / Britt Ekland segment. I like Lloyd, but I like Bolton better, and it's a shame he couldn't do the whole thing.
Interesting sidenote: The bespectacled werewolf host at the Monster Club looks a helluva lot like Dez Skinn, the editor of HOH ( and of course, the architect behind Marvel UK & Warrior ).
No surprise there, that Bolton might use Skinn as a model. But if you watch the movie, the actual host also looks a lot like our hairy hero.
Fess up, Dez! Were you in this movie?


  1. The novel is a great read. I still have my 1st edition bought when I was 11. My wife has read it more times than I have. Maybe time for a remake? The Ghoul and Fly By Night are superb and the whole monster family tree is very cool.

  2. Yeh, a remake'd be great. Unfortunately, I don't know that anybody makes this kind of portmanteau Hammer / Amicus anthology type horror anymore...

  3. Great! Thank you for putting the whole strip up here!