Monday, 14 March 2016

Teen Titans: The Supernatural Era

Before Marv Wolfman & George Perez made The New Teen Titans DC's best selling title, by the simple expedient of giving DC a Marvel book, there was the original Titans series, and my favorite period of it came right at the end, the so-called 'Supernatural issues'.
There's a lot to recommend in this run, not least art from George Tuska, Art Saaf and of course, the wonderful Nick Cardy, as well as typically barking mad scripts courtesy of Bob Haney, the man who invented his own genre of comics: The Haneyverse.
At this point, the Titans resembled nothing less than the Scooby-Doo gang, tooling around the world in their very own Mystery Machine and getting involved in spooky situations like this one.
They also expanded their membership by three, bringing in amnesiac telepath Lilith ( who got her own back-up strip ), educated caveman Gnark, and pointless token black character Mal Duncan, who spent all his time moaning about his tokenism.
For a kid, this was an endlessly exciting and colourful series, and in this issue, there's a couple of bits that are creepy even now. ( The giant bug menacing Wonder Doll? Yecch! ) There's even a typically Scooby villian reveal in this story, and he totally would've got away with it if not for those pesky Titans.
By the way, I assume Speedy and Mal are dancing in the first panel of P.6 but there's sure no other evidence there of any music going on. Maybe hep cat Mal's teaching his buddy some street level Kung-Fu moves?


  1. Loved the original Cardy Titans, but by this time, it was more for cool covers and interior art rather than the actual stories..

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Ah yeah, but it's The Haneymeister, David! You have to love 'em...