Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Planet Of The Damned

Planet Of The Damned was a rock hard serial that kicked off 2000AD's all too brief sister title Starlord. Using that oh so '70's premise of a bunch of people lost in The Bermuda Triangle, it's one of those strips that absolutely will not stop.
Survivors dying gruesomely one by one! Ka-Zar lookalike anti-hero! Fat sleazy villain who won't listen to Ka-Zar lookalike anti-hero! Acid Rain, Spitting Mutants, Nazi's and Cannibals! Like a lost strip from Creepy or Eerie, this one ticks all the boxes.
'Cos sometimes you just want trash.


  1. Rebellion have just reprinted this as a book, with "Death Planet" as a backup:

    Steve Flanagan

  2. Yeah, this was a highlight of Starlord; but like the rest of the comic. seemed like it would have ben better if they made up their mind about which age group it was aimed at.
    (But then, I liked Timequake, so what do I know?)


  3. Hey, I liked Timequake too, especially as the hero was pretty much Bill Savage from Invasion.
    And the possible unsuitability for kids is what I like about 'Damned' ( and the whole Bronze Age to be fair ). It was like if Action had done sci-fi ( well, almost ).
    Good double bill on that reprint by the way.

  4. Thanks for uploading.
    In Germany it is difficult and expensive to obtain British comics.
    Would you also post 2000 AD number 6 to 11.


    1. Damn, my mistake.
      I mean Starlord #6 to#10.

      - andre