Sunday, 6 March 2016

John Severin's Eagle

Eagle was a little strip from the mighty John Severin, that appeared in the last few issues of The Rook, and that probably went completely unnoticed at the time. It's less a story than a brief incident, and can't help but be reminiscent of John's work for Harvey Kurtzman in EC's Two-Fisted Tales.
It also has the slight feel of an unsold newspaper strip, and in fact, in the '50's, Severin had collaborated with writer Colin Dawkins on a similar strip called American Eagle. Maybe this was their attempt to bring the character back.
It's just Severin doing what he did best, and you can never get enough of that.


  1. I think Eagle was originally drawn for Joe Kubert's tabloid sized Sojourn, which only ran for a couple of issues. All of the features were done in a newspaper-style format. There were quite a few heavy-hitters contributing, including Kubert (drawing Tor for the zillionth time), Severin, Doug Wildey, Lee Elias and Sergio Aragones. I think the large size probably hurt its distribution.

  2. Be nice to get a copy though wouldn't it?
    Cheers Russ.

  3. I designed the Eagle logo flag for the strip. John Severin even paid me while I was in art school in Denver.

  4. Whaaat? Why are you wasting time talking to me when you should be dining out on that right now?!
    Did you meet John? What was he like?