Sunday, 27 March 2016

Daredevil Season 2

Just wanted to do a quick rave for the 2nd season of the DD TV show ( Still have to pinch myself there's actually a DD TV show by the way??!! )
Season 1 was a bit of a mixed bag for me, with a great cast giving it their all, but really it was 7 or 8 episodes stretched out to 13, it was more The Kingpin's origin than Matt's, and I hated the costume ( when it finally appeared ). Plus Netflix relied way too heavily on the fact that we'd watch one episode straight after the other, without any kind of cliffhanger to keep us interested.
Well, I've only watched the first three episodes of season 2 today, and I'm still not that keen on the costume, but what an improvement!
The cast are still great, plus Jon Bernthal off The Walking Dead is a perfect Frank Castle, and the third episode has THE best fight scene Daredevil's ever had. Make that the best fight scene anyone's ever had.
And I haven't even got to Elektra yet...
Here's the trailer.


  1. Not really digging the costume either, but I've watched the first four episodes and they are really good. First season did have it's ups and downs, but I'm hoping they've got the bugs worked out now.

  2. The revised version of the costume later in the season is a big improvement. The show keeps getting better as it goes on.

  3. Up to episode 7 and it's getting better and better, though it does beg the question: Watching DD & Elektra in action ( as well as Arrow and his female furies! ) when when when is somebody gonna do a proper Modesty Blaise movie already???