Sunday, 21 February 2016

Superman In Australia ( Or: Strewth! There's a bloke down there with no strides on! )

Here's fun. Neil Hansen is a collector of Australian Comics ( and friend of this here blog ), and wondered if we'd all like to see what Supes ( and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez ) got up to in Oz back in The Bronze Age. Well, natch! Here's Neil:

" Thanks for giving me the opportunity to hopefully contribute to your Bronze Age blog and really blow people's minds on this story. I have been collecting Australian and UK comics to get an idea of how some of my favorite comic book stories would look in black and white. I came about this book through eBay. The actual comic that I did purchase is indexed here at the Australian DC Reprints gallery: It includes a clean version of the cover if need be. Anyways, the story shows Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's fine storytelling whether it be an action sequence or a conversation scene over coffee. Ultimately, the story concerns an alien soldier/courier whose message arrives thousands of years too late, but this is not revealed until the end. I know that Sean Phillips is a prominent visitor to this site, and I'm sure he'll be grateful to see this one. Originally in color form Superman (first series) #347, the details are shown really well in this black and white version."

It kind of reminds me of Alan Class comics, this, in a good way, though I'm sure the Aussie paper stock was better. By the way, this reprint issue of Superman runs to 84 pages! There's value for your Australian dollar.
Thanks Neil, and obviously, if anyone else wants to save me some time and send me interesting stuff like this, go for it.
If it's things I've already got, they will appear at some point, but who knows, there's a few things I'm still missing. Does anyone have a complete run of John M. Burns' Eartha for instance? Or my Look-In collection is woefully inadequate if anybody wants to help out with that. Or has anyone ever tried to scan Steranko's Chandler? C'mon, share with the group.


  1. Looks really cool to this Yank from the US who collects Aussie comics. :D

  2. It's something that always bugged me about DC comics in Australia when I was a youngster. You want House Of Secrets? No Problem. Phantom Stranger? Check. Adventure? You got it. Weird War Stories? Sold. You want Superman, Action, Batman, Detective, Flash, Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman, Justice League or any superhero title? No can do - available only in black and white reprints.

    I've never been able to ascertain why it was so - I can only guess that the Aust publishers had it as part of the deal that the titles they published in black and white had to be unavailable in colour to prevent unfair competition, or somesuch.

    The arrival of comics shops finally made it a moot point, but I'd kind of weaned off such stuff by then anyway - interestingly, coming across a checklist site on the interweb showed that the reprints tended to lag behind their colour forebears by as much as twelve months.

    In retrospect, they were a pretty good deal - large page count for standard price, and the back-up material was often reprints of of older material.

  3. The cool thing about the older stuff in black and white is that the fact the artists and inkers tried to make the stuff color proof so that bad color couldn't completely ruin a good job. It doesn't hold so much today. I bought Batman Noir with batman: Hush and found that the lack of color showed all the flaws of Jim Lee's artwork from bad city perspectives to visuals that weren't serving the story, only trying to satisfy an artistic ego. To see Garcia-Lopez's work in black and white really shows how good he is. You can really analyze the angles, the body gestures and the page designs. makes you appreciate it all the more!