Monday, 15 February 2016

Lois Lane In: Indian Death Charge!

Here's an achingly relevant Lois Lane story I've always had an inexplicable fondness for. Maybe it's that wonderful cover, like most DC of the time, so OVERLY DRAMATIC it screams at you to buy it. Plus, Lois looks kinda hot in buckskin.
Like the cover, the inside story is pretty shrill and over the top as well, as, through a series of happy plot contrivances, our girl deals with her feelings of broodiness by adopting an Indian baby named Little Moon, causing several race riots along the way.
As we know, Lois is a long-time friend of, and spokeswoman for, minorities and like all good reporters, just can't help sticking her nose in where it isn't wanted, so this story really writes itself.
It's well-meaning, slightly clumsy and a lot of fun, and is chock to the brim with cherishable, quotable lines like the very last panel, and the scene where Supes smugly misses the point and tells Lois the race war is over, and her looking right at us and telling him it's only a cease fire. You go, sister!

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  1. I skipped reading the credits when starting to read this, and *still* guessed it was written by Robert Kanigher.

    Have to agree, though, that the buckskin outfit on the cover really does add to Ms Lane's charms.