Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Flash's Wife Is A Two-Timer!

Here's another one of those completely nuts issues of The Flash that you read with raised eyebrows and your jaw on the floor. It seems genuinely made up as you go along, and one can only assume Robert Kanigher had gone out drinking with Bob Haney the night before putting pen to paper.
I won't summarize it as the joy of this one is discovering each level of madness for yourself, but I do just have to discuss the first page.
Flash is 'lonely' because Iris is at work, so zips up to the JLA satellite to hang out with Superman.
Ok, the Scarlet Speedster clearly has a few self-esteem issues this month, but we can go with that. I'm more concerned with The Man Of Steel, who's clearly been spending way too much time up in the satellite on his own. Oh yeah? You don't know what it's like , Flash!!! Let ME tell YOU about being lonely!!!!!
Jeez, Supes, chill out. Call Lois or Jimmy, I'm sure they'd be happy to go for a drink.


  1. I hope it won't reflect too ill upon me if I admit that the part of this story that made the greatest impression on me at the time was Iris's modern hairstyle, and groovy outfit (well, I *was* at a certain age...)

  2. No need to worry, this is a safe enviroment, where you can divulge anything and it's all completely confidential. I felt the same way about that issue of Cap with Deadly Nightshade's first appearance...

  3. :) that's a but like comparing Dr Maureen Robinson and Barbarella.
    I bought all of the Robbins Nightshade Cap issues a few years back in high grade. The dealer I bought them from said 'Robbins? Don't you mean Bobbins'?
    Frank Robbins, a bit like Marmite. He can draw amazing women though.