Thursday, 31 December 2015

Supercats Double Bill

Been a while since we checked in on those fabulous feline furies the Supercats, so how about a double bill? Or in the case of the first story, a quadruple bill as the gals find themselves up against that hoariest of comic book cliches, the evil robot duplicates of themselves.
Lucky that Warren / 1984's champion sleazemeister Bill DuBay never got his mitts on this strip, or even he would've run out of different words for pulchritudinous. Not to mention probably renaming the team's spaceship to another feline based word beginning with 'P'...

And here the girls get the cover slot, facing off against The Black Queen, Though not the Black Queen from Barbarella else we'd probably have to call Bill again...


  1. Are you sure these weren't drawn by Enrique Romero?
    I know you mentioned before that Galvez was his brother, but all the same... these pages really do look a lot like Romero's work.

    Anyway, I'm not that familiar with Supercats, so thanks for the post.


  2. Well, it could be Romero, it could be Galvez, it could even be both of them at once! That's the problem with Supercats, we just don't know ( unless, of course, there's someone out there with cast iron credit info? )
    We love them Supercats though, don't we?

  3. This would be an amazing trade paperback wouldn't it? I would prefer this to even a Misty collection.