Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Sunfire. He was a bit a bit of an arse, wasn't he? Ok, actually he was a gigantic arse, always calling The X-Men 'Yankee Imperialist Scum' which was, at the very least, a bit churlish considering they let him guest-star in their book.
I always liked him though. Arrogant dicks are always more fun than goody goodies, plus it's a great look for a costume.
Here's his debut, towards the end of Rascally Roy and Nefarious Neal's classic, short run on the series.
Neal Adams was behind on deadlines, so Dashing Don Heck stepped in on this issue. It may take you a couple of seconds to spot it's Don, as he's inked here by Tom Palmer ( what was Tom's Bullpen nickname? I forget ).
It's a great art job, actually, there's a few patented Heck poses, but he really does try to mimic then newcomer Adam's wild layouts, and Palmer's inks make it absolutely shine.
Maybe if Don had been given inkers of the calibre of Tom throughout the Bronze Age, he might've had been given an easier time of it from fans, then and now. Who knows?
What I do know is that Sunfire's got the major 'ump. Start as you mean to go on, son.


  1. Don Heck aping Neal Adams, and succeeding! To Palmer sure held the consistency so not a beat was jumped with the Adams issues. This is one of Don Heck's best superhero stories ever!

  2. Not at all. Still trying to find the UK Marvel Superheroes issues with all those Palmer inked classics in b & w.