Monday, 28 December 2015

Snappy Sammy Smoot

Skip Williamson's eternal innocent, Snappy Sammy Smoot, appeared all over the place throughout the Bronze Age, from undergrounds like Bijou Funnies & Comix Book, to The National Lampoon.
Sammy is comics' version of Candide, or a sharper dressed Goodman Beaver depending on which reference works better for you.
He's myopically optimistic, innocent to the point of delusion, and just a little bit more lost in the modern world than the rest of us, which helps to sweeten Williamson's satire and make his points a little less savage than they might be.
Skip has a brilliantly surreal drawing style ( ripped off by a million advertising and poster illustrators throughout the early '70's ), and I can weirdly see Sammy popping up in the background of a C.C. Beck Shazam! strip of the time. He'd fit right in next to Sunny Sparkle.

Skip clearly also loves words and how they can combine, making rhythyms that are just funny in and of themselves. Try saying some of Sammy's dialogue out loud without laughing.

And don't think he can't get down wit th' yout' of today, either. Oh no, Sammy knows how to update his act in line with changing fashions.

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