Sunday, 20 December 2015

Happy Xmas, Chuck!

I am Charlie Brown. I know that now, and have come to terms with it. We can all fool ourselves, and say we're just like Conan or Frank Castle in our ability to know exactly what to do in any situation, to take life by the throat and take no shit. But in reality, we're all Chuck. That's why Peanuts is The World's Greatest Comic Strip, and why I'll post it here at the drop of a hat. Luckily it's Christmas, so I don't need an excuse. I guarantee not a single british channel will show A Charlie Brown Christmas this year, 'cos they never do. To make up for that, here's some of the gang's classic yuletide strips from throughout the '70's.

And if you, like me & Snoops, are about to have a Poochie Christmas, remember it's only once a year. Just drink more to cope with it.


  1. Have a great Christmas when it comes - I look forward to reading more great strips etc on your blog in 2016 - "lang may yer lum reek"

  2. And to you Paul and everybody else!
    Got a great one coming for Christmas Eve by the way. Gonna post it tomorrow...