Sunday, 1 November 2015


D'ya ever think you'll never pick up another comic, and be absolutely blown away by something you've never seen before, just like what happened on a monthly basis when you were a kid? Y' know, that: THIS is why we love comics feeling? Well, I recently scored a couple of issues of Bronze Age British Indie book pssst! off of ebay, and when I turned the page and saw Legend, my jaw just hit the floor. The writer Alan Booth doesn't seem to have had much of a career, but the artist David Jackson worked for 2000AD, House Of Hammer, British Marvel, and inherited Father Shandor, Demon Stalker from John Bolton in the pages of Warrior. The story is the kind of thing beloved of Craig Russell just after he left Killraven, and does the job nicely, but it's Jackson's art that'll make you catch your breath. His black & white Shandor work is gorgeous, but this colour piece is... well, words fail me.


  1. Hi Pete Doree,

    I chanced across this highly perceptive informed site - and that's just your bit about the 1970s era of comics...

    As for all you say about my artwork for 'Legend'...

    Who am I to demur, eh..?

    I've emailed Alan Booth about it - we've always kept in touch...

    A year back I said to him that Prof Brian Cox 'Human Universe' series explained the latest revised scientific thinking on the Origin of The Universe and it was as Alan had written it in the opening frames of 'Legend'...

    Coincidentally, Prof Cox showed his childhood copy of 'Spacecraft 2000 to 2100AD' with a cover by Angus Mckie (the original and impressive artist on Alan Booth's 'Swordspell') with more of his art inside.

    As Brian Cox flipped through the pages I thought for a minute it might have been one with some of my own stuff in it but mine are in a different 'sister volume' in that series.

    My science fiction paperback covers include James White's 'The Aliens Among Us', Ian Watson's 'God's World', Harlan Ellison's 'The Time of the Eye' and illustrating an Arthur C Clarke spaceships piece for 'Omni' magazine.

    Other comic art of mine include early pop-biographies (Prince, 5 Star, Bob Geldof) for 'Look-In'; and the James Bond two parter 'Shattered Helix' with Simon Jowett and David Lloyd for Dark Horse.

    You accurately identified some of my other stuff also, which is no mean feat with all the other 'David Jacksons' out there...

    Very many thanks for all your extremely appreciative comments which naturally enough made my day...



  2. Thanks for dropping by as well, David. I'll definitely be putting some of your Shandor stuff up here at some point, if that's ok. Now I have to go find that Look-In stuff as well, dagnabbit!
    My mate Sean Phillips has a pretty good Look-In collection, but hardly any of it scanned alas.

  3. Hi Pete,

    Some Shandor is on the web here and there.

    And there's a couple of my sf paperback covers on Steve Holland's Bear Alley Blog.

    The only related item which I myself (indirectly) put on the web is a fairly recent comment piece for Norman Boyd for his Frank Bellamy Blogspot.

    In effect we've gone back to a kind of barter - publishing might not be monetising our own stuff as it used to but on the other hand we do have access to everything from everybody that is now out there...



  4. Thanks David, Bear Alley is a great site everyone should check out by the way.
    Definitely gonna put whatever of your stuff up here I can find. As I may 've said, Legend just blew me away.