Sunday, 22 November 2015

Gedeon Plexus

Gedeon Plexus was a futuristic detective that appeared intermittently in Epic Illustrated, and in both art style and tone, actually felt like he should've been working the other side of the street, over in Heavy Metal.
In an unspecified future, what's left of the world's population live in a giant underground complex, while nuclear war rages up on the surface. In the many levels of the city, Plexus solves bizarre crimes with the aid of his flying bicycle and clothes averse chief / girlfriend.
All the familair noir tropes are here, with treacherous broads, amoral heroes, crosses and double crosses in abundance, and it's a great little strip that should've had more of a run.
The art style is decidely european, and the tone is absolutely Heavy Metal as I say, so not sure why Gedeon didn't appear there. In fact creator Zoran Vanjaka did apparently work on the HM movie, and you can easily see Plexus teaming up with Harry Canyon.
Maybe it was a decided effort by editor Archie Goodwin to move away from the Marvel house style, or maybe he just really liked detective strips. Whatever, Gedeon was always a good read whenever he popped up in the pages of Epic. Here he is, getting involved with dames again. That's not gonna end well.

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