Sunday, 15 November 2015

Axa: The Beginning

Here's the first adventure for British newspaper strip barbarienne Axa.
If you missed the last time Axa appeared here, she had a slot in The Sun newspaper throughout the Bronze Age, a low-brow journal that had surprisingly good taste in comic strips, at least for a while.
It's basically, as you'll see, Logan's Run meets Red Sonja, with Brigitte Bardot playing the eponymous heroine. As Axa travels across her post apocalyptic world, she falls in and out of love as often as she falls in and out of her fur bikini, and it's all in ( as Kenny Everett would say ) the best possible taste.
The stories are freewheeling, light sci-fantasy fun, and if not particularly groundbreaking, do the job nicely. The job being to show off Enrique Romero's beautiful, sexy artwork.


  1. Maybe Danielle's origin will be next? Thanks for this one.

  2. Ah, I wish. Danielle is still residing on that want list, sadly.

  3. I've a real weakness for this kind of thing, so thanks for this one.

    On the subject of fantasy wimmin in the best possible taste, I recall seeing a rather stylish looking Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry comic strip in the short lived News on Sunday (is that the right title ? - I forget)

    Not that I want to keep making requests in your comments sections or anything :)....


  4. I may have to pick this one up, sooooon. :) Very very nice.

  5. Don't know that one, Sean, anybody else?
    'Course the fantasy wimmin classic I want to locate is John M. Burns 'cavegirl in the modern day' Eartha which ran in the News Of The World sunday mag. Posted a few pages before but definitely want the whole thing.
    And as for our favourite post-apocalyptic totty, I now have ( I think ) everything Axa related, including the stuff published in the Netherlands that was never translated into English. So loads more Axa to come..

    1. Big fan of Axa. Only one I've not seen is Axa Los Traicionados which completes Axa The Betrayed

  6. I was being a bit of a lazy git earlier - sorry, Pete - and could easily have looked it up...

    Anyway, done that and it was called Scatha and appeared in a comic section with another strip called Summer of Love by no less than Milligan and McCarthy (which I completely forgot about - odd as I love me a bit of Brendan).
    Both are posted at
    The paper wasn't around very long, so theres not much of either, but its still a nice little jolt of mid-80s style - "Britain's new wave superstar cartoonists" according to the paper:)


  7. SO Pat Mills, that. Cheers Sean.