Thursday, 29 October 2015

Tales Of Peter Hypnos

I hope you're all up to date with your medication, 'cos here we go with, for my money, THE scariest series ever seen in Eerie.
Tales Of Peter Hypnos was a very short run series, just three stories that were basically the same, but it creeps me out like nothing else, so I personally don't think I could take more than three.
It's from champion freakmeister Jose Bea, and resembles some of the strangest children's books and TV shows, like say The Singing Ringing Tree, but I wouldn't recommend showing it to your kids unless you want them to have nightmares.
When I was a kid, I was literally terrified by the Beatles' cartoon film Yellow Submarine and to this day still can't watch it or even look at images from it.
Peter Hypnos is even weirder, more surreal and awful, and I think it's a genuine masterpiece. I just don't want to look at it ever again.

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  1. Those were my favorite stories ever published by Warren Publishing. I was only a kid when they came out, but man were they off the charts !