Sunday, 4 October 2015

Spider-Man Newspaper Strip: Aunt May & The Street Hoods

Here's a treat to start the working week. When the Spidey newspaper strip started, it was at least as good as the regular book ( and sometimes better ), and this story's a gold plated slab of brilliance to prove the point. Stan The Man & Jazzy John seemed enervated by the chance to show off the wall-crawler in a new medium, and both men are on fire here, particularly Romita who is clearly giving it his all.
These days, John plays down his contribution to Marvel in interviews, saying in essence:
'Ahh, it was just a job. I might as well've been drivin' a cab..'
But it clearly wasn't just a job to this guy, I mean take a look at this stuff. And just look at the smiles on his and Stan's faces in this posed photo over the Spidey newspaper strip. Who has more fun than we do? NO ONE.

Aunt May & The Street Hoods is kind of Stan's version of Death Wish, with a little bit of The Taking Of Pelham 123, and drips with '70's New York street authenticity ( or at least as much as you can get away with in a family newspaper ). There's no super villain, but you won't care 'cos it's so great that even Aunt May's five millionth heart attack has a valid reason for happening, plus the Sidney Poitier of comics, Joe 'Robbie' Robertson gets a little two-fisted and angry, which is a bit of a shock. Robbie is, of course, one of THE great supporting characters, so it's always nice to see him get a bit of the limelight, but boy, is he pissed off here. Then again, so's Petey, and rightly so.
Just in case anybody needed a reminder of why we all love Spidey, and why we all love comics:


  1. A pedant writes...

    1.without vigor, force, or strength; languid.

    Oddly, it was in a Spider-Man comic that I first discovered this (#165, where Stegron uses an "enervator" to animate a pile of dinosaur skeletons)

  2. Another excellent blog I really like the Romita Spidey newspaper strips and have picked up a fww of the colletions recently - I really enjoyed reading this one here so thanks for posting it