Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Monster Hunters: The Hour Of The Werewolf

Let's play a quick game of Who's The Werewolf, shall we? Here's Colonel Whiteshroud, one of Charlton's many horror hosts, for once not just introducing his spooky tales, but taking over the whole issue for an adventure similiar to that old Amicus flick The Beast Must Die.
It's early Mike Zeck, who was always great at werewolves ( remember that Solomon Kane story he did? ) plus there's a cameo from Baron Weirwulf, yet another Charlton creepy tale-spinner. Top stuff all round.


  1. I have to admit I had all but forgotten about Mike Zeck I haven't seen his work in years except on the odd variant cover here and there. But nice to see this I always liked his art (especially on the Punisher) . I seem to recall another Zeck werewolf story at Charlton. I certainly do recall the Marvel b&w Solomon Kane strip it was a wee cracker I still have that somewhere (perhaps in the UK Conan monthly reprint) – you can read it here on-line via the “Diversions of the groovy kind” blog .

  2. Damn, forgot about Zeck's other werewolf tale - could'a done a double bill..

  3. Colonel Whiteshroud may be a parody of Commander Whitehead, the British naval officer who went on to run Schweppes, the ginger ale and mixer company. For a long while he was featured in the company's advertisements and television commercials, which made the most of his patrician appearance and general air of elegance (you knew this was no ordinary ginger ale if he was drinking it).

    There is also more than a little of the character actor C. Aubrey Smith in Whiteshroud's appearance.

  4. Didn't know that, thanks. Yeh, the likeness is there.