Thursday, 8 October 2015

Misty Presents: The Salamander Girl

A shorter serial now from greatest ever girls' weekly, Misty. The Salamander Girl is a magical, mysterious piece, which is mostly mysterious 'cos I don't know who drew it. It looks like it's from the Spanish school, and is utterly gorgeous, but shame not to give credit where it's due.
The story does end a little abruptly, and you wish we'd found out a bit more about it's heroine, mystical sun-spirit Salah, and that she'd had a few more adventures, but while it lasts, it really is wonderful stuff.


  1. Maybe it was drawn by Maria Barrera....?

    That's a bit of a guess - it can be hard to tell with some of those Spanish artists - but she drew The Roots in Misty, so maybe have a look at that and see what you think....

    Still, for all I know, it could be Esteban Maroto or someone like that earning a bit of spare cash.


  2. That's from Misty's first issue? Yeah, you might be right there, Sean, thanks. Any Mist-ery solved.

  3. Seems the signature is in the lower left corner of this page:

    If you have access to the original, I'm sure you can decipher it...and tell us!


    Chris A.

  4. David Roach says Jordi Franch for this one... not sure if that's a scribbled-out signature or just flames...?