Wednesday, 7 October 2015

John & Sal Buscema In The Chamber Of Darkness

Marvel's minor excursions into mystery never made as big a splash as DC's absolute dominance in the genre, but there's some real undiscovered treats if you know where to look.
Like these two pieces from the Buscema Brothers, that are as great as anything either artist did in this period.
Originally, and just like everybody else, Chamber Of Darkness had it's own horror host, the derivative and uninspired Headstone P. Gravely, here introducing Big John's wonderful It's Only Magic!

Until somebody ( Stan or possibly Roy ) had a better idea: Get the artists to introduce their stories themselves. No idea why it didn't catch on, but I thought it was a great plan, as clearly did Our Pal Sal. Here he is, introducing A Change Of Mind.
Would've been nice to see both Buscema's in the same panel, though wouldn't it?


  1. I hadn't seen that excellent John Buscema strip before, very impressive - I have seen the Sal Bucsema strip before (I think I have this in a reprint) - Its a pity Marvel didn't do more of this type of book I have a few issues of "Chamber of Darkness" and they are all fantastic pity so many of Marvels colour mysteries were all reprint from the Atlas days (despite some excellent Ditko, Kirby etc reprints of course)

  2. I consider A Change Of Mind to be Sal's best work. It's kinda Wrightsonesque.

  3. My favourites for Marvel's horror comics were Steranko's "At the Stroke of Midnight" from TOWER OF SHADOWS #1, Neal Adams' "One Hungers" from TOWER OF SHADOWS #2, and Wrightson's "Gargoyle Every Night" from CHAMBER OF DARKNESS #7. Wrightson's King Kull story would have been printed in TOWER OF SHADOWS #10, but the title was changed to CREATURES ON THE LOOSE, and the numbering retained (#10).

    Chris A.

  4. All'a those in the files ready to post, Chris..