Friday, 23 October 2015

Blazing Battle Tales Featuring Sgt. Hawk

Here's a completely mental war book from Atlas that only lasted the one issue, thank god. It starts off like a Sgt. Rock wannabe, with a Frank Thorne cover that emulates a million Joe Kubert Rock covers, while the story proper is introduced by the hero just like the Top Kick of Easy Company always used to do.
But there the similarity ends: Sgt. Hawk ( no first name, we ain't gonna be pals ) is THE single angriest hero you've ever met, spitting out his dialogue through gritted teeth through the whole of his premiere appearance.
It's like someone said to him, if you wanna make yourself stand out from all the other war characters, you'd better be tough, Hawk, REAL tough.
Man, he's pissed off. Maybe it's that fruity little moustache he's been lumbered with, I dunno, but he must be giving himself a migraine staying this angry ALL THE TIME.
He does have some great lines though, my favourite being: Some of the cuts and burns that covered her body would leave scars - and that's bad news for a girl - even GUTSY ones like her!
And the story goes to some dark places for a comics code approved book of the '70's, and then it goes a bit further.
The art is by Pat Broderick, who you wouldn't expect on a war book. Unfortunately you don't get to see much of his style as it's buried under the less than great scratchy inks of Jack Sparling, which is a shame as this is nearly a classic book, just because of the insanity of it all.

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