Sunday, 13 September 2015

Titans Three Vs. The Avengers

So here we go with the 2nd part of the first appearance of the nascent Defenders, The Titans Three. And this one is even better than it's predecessor as Subby, Hulk & The Surfer take on Thor, Iron Man & Goliath, for no other reason than it's fun and we want them to.
Our Pal Sal & Gentleman Jim Mooney still make a perfect art team, and Rascally Roy gets to indulge his love for Shakespearean style speechifying and pop culture referencing every 2nd panel or so, as well as making everything seem much more important by putting it all in capitals and reversing the title.
Titans Three? Power Cosmic? D'you think Roy orders his breakfast as a Coffee Black and a Muffin Toasted? I'm betting he does.
And it's interesting that, amidst all the macho bluster, it's actually Lady Dorma who saves the day. Rascally should really have called this one '...And A Woman Shall Lead Them!' or something.
That cover seems a bit of a mish-mash though, Greenskin looking like he's been photoshopped in from somewhere else and all. Pay attention, Hulkie, that's The Avengers up there.

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